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World Renowned Education Starts Here!

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses small blades to deposit pigment into the skin. It can be used to enhance facial features such as eyes, eyebrows, and lips. We are certified professionals who have years of experience in performing microblading treatments. We offer comprehensive training courses covering everything from proper hygiene and safety protocols to the technical skills needed to achieve the perfect microbladed brows.

Head shot of Master Tara Etling

master tara etling

Serious microblading students in Phoenix & the surrounding area come see Master Tara to gain an edge on their competition. 

It's no secret that Master Tara is one of the top few microblading artists in Arizona as well as the valleys only PPL artist, a special technique developed by Grand Master David Zhang for microblading.  Having been a successful student from the direct instruction of elite world leaders like Master Lindsey Ta, 2016 World Champion, Master Sam Bao, 2018 World Champion for hand shading and the Grand Master himself David Zhang, creator and pioneer of microblading, Master Tara has  gone on to perform over a thousand Microblading procedures and is well into her fifth year of teaching!

With a background as powerful as Master Tara's you can be assured you're getting the correct training and accurate knowledge you'll need to be successful in this career.  No other instructor in the Phoenix metro area has a lineage background like Master Tara!

Now it's your turn to learn Master Tara's personal techniques developed over years to create beautiful hand bladed and shaded brows!

semi private 4 day class

Class: 2 students max - $3999

An intensive 4 day long microblading and hand shading lesson! This class is designed for you to succeed in the microblading field.  Learn everything from Master Tara who was taught by the world's most elite artists and dubbed Master Artist by World Champion Master Lindsey Ta plus years of experience and training on her own. Learn the hand shading method which results in a beautiful powdery look, her perfect microblading technique and a beautifully blended combo brow.  Correct hair strokes and brow mapping are fundamental and will keep your artwork looking crisp for years.  Valuable tips and tricks of the trade others won't tell (like how to get your artwork to stay perfectly) are just the icing on top!  The focus in this class is attention to detail which can only be achieved through Master Tara's training. Master Tara will be there every step of the way to make sure you're understanding and executing the correct way to microblade and shade.  With only 2 students in this class you're sure to come out ahead of your competition!   


Click the link below to schedule for upcoming trainings

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 private lesson 4 day class

Class: 1 student only! 4 day - $4650 


For beginners to advanced artists looking to increase their knowledge base. Master Tara's 4 day private training is focused just on you! In this training Tara addresses any questions you may have and spends the extra time making sure you're understanding the material.  The class will include both techniques, microblading and hand shading.  The fastest way to learn is through a private lesson!

Class dates will vary for private training please call or text to schedule 

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