World Renown Education Starts Here

In Phoenix!

Master Tara Etling

Serious microblading students in Phoenix & the surrounding area come see Tara to gain an edge on their competition. 

Its no secret that Tara is among the best microblading artists in Arizona as well as the valleys only PPL artist, a special technique developed by Grand Master David Zhang for microblading.  Having learned her skills from the industrys leaders like Master Lindsey Ta, owner of Microblading LA, Master Sam Bao, 2018 World Champion for hand shading and the Grand Master himself David Zhang, creator and pioneer of microblading!  

With years of experience and a passion for the art, teaching only came natural.  

Now its your turn to learn Taras personal techniques that shes developed over the years to create beautiful hand bladed brows!

Master Series Class

7 Days* of one on one private training- 6,495

Phoenixs' only 7 day long private microblading lesson! This class is designed for you to succeed in the microblading field.  Learn everything from Tara including the hand shading method which results in a beautiful powdery look, microblading the perfect hair stroke and learn an award winning brow pattern as well as tips and tricks of the trade others wont tell!  The focus in this class is attention to detail which can only be achieved in a private lesson.  Tara will be there every step of the way to make sure you're understanding and executing the correct way to microblade and shade.     

combo brow blue eyes.JPG

Combo Brow Artist Class

4 days* 2 techniques, private one on one - 3,795

Blading and Shading is an extremely important skill every artist needs to have.  It comes in handy for those clients that have coarse, textured, or oily skin but they request a natural look.  This class is a 4 day private lesson that teaches all the basics as well as more advanced skills for microblading and shading.  Learn how to master the pattern for both and the different variations and combinations you can do to create the perfect brow for your client.

Beginner Artist Class

3 Day* private microblading one on one- 2995

Whether starting out or need a refresher course, this course will take you through microblading fundamentals like creating the perfect brow map and working with someone with asymmetrical features to executing the perfect hair stroke and getting your brow work to stay.  Covering everything you need to know from contraindications to color theory and assessing your client, Tara makes it easy to learn microblading the correct way in this 3 day private lesson. 


* Due to the intensive nature of one on one training and the amount and subject matter that is covered we encourage the student to always be on time and perform all homework

   given by Tara.  This will maximize each 4 hour intensive training session and amplify your learning success.