Frequently asked questions

Do I need any kind of license or certificate to take a class?

No, here in the state of Arizona you do not need a license for microblading. You do need a license to conduct business though and in my specific classes I do require you to get your BBP license ( Blood Born Pathogens) to ensure you know sanitary guidlines and know what protocal is in certain situations and proper disposal, although it is not mandatory by the state of Arizona.

How do I get my Blood Born Pathogens (BBP) Test?

To get your Blood Born Pathogens test which must be completed before you start my training is simple and will only cost you a small fee and some of your time to learn the material and then take the test. Upon successfully completing the test you will recieve your certificate that is good for 1 year and is 1 step closer to becoming a successful microblading artist. Here is the link below to get started: Make sure you click the training for tatoo artists :) https://courseforbbp.com/states/AZ

How many students are in each class?

As of right now all of my classes are private lessons. If in the future I should offer group training I will keep the students to a maximum of 5 to keep the quality of my training high and attention to all equal.

I'm coming from out of town what's near by for me?

Within walking distance there is a plethora of dinning, shopping and couple hotels.

Can I start class sooner than my scheduled start date?

Yes! Your training can start as soon as you put your deposit down and schedule a pre training day to come in and learn hair strokes and the pattern. This way it gives you optimal time to practice before your official first day of class. Since I've implemented this Ive noticed a huge improvement in my students success! Inbetween that time you can always check in with me and send me pictures of your work and I will critique them and give you more advice on how to do better.

When does class start and end each day?

One of the great things about 1 on 1 training is that I can work around your schedule. I know a lot you have regular 9-5 jobs Monday through Friday so it can be difficult to fit in training. Typically I have 2 time slots, 10am start time and a 1pm start time. If you need something different please let me know and we can certainly work out a time thats best for you. All classes are a minimum of 4 hours (no breaks) but please be prapared to stay longer as class can easily go over this time.

Is my microblading kit included in the course I take?

Yes, you get a full kit filled with the same quality items I use everyday in my studio

Do you provide me a model for training?

Yes, I certainly can if you need one. Often times the student may have a friend who wants to volunteer. Just let me know ahead of time.