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Who Trained The Trainer!

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

So, I’ve been needing to get this blog out for thee longest time and I’m just now finally getting around to it 🤪. Probably because I know it’s going to be a long one but the importance of this is eye opening. I talk to students everyday and the same questions pop up and also more importantly the students that have take previous classes have, for the most part been given a lot of misinformation. So, I’m just going to jump right into it and say that if you’re looking to get trained in the art of microblading and shading and pmu in general then you’ve come to the right spot! Guys, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to find the right class for you, and for me as an instructor I try to help students find that class. Here in Arizona when it comes to finding the best microblading class for you ive found theres a shortage of quality instructors. What really makes a microblading class good? is It how big your microblading kit is that you get with class? Is it how many topics you go over? Is it the length of the class? In my research of looking at what others have to offer I find that there are many classes that seem to offer it all! I’m talking extensive kits, extensive color theory, needle knowledge, how to take better Instagram photos for your page, business support and how to get your first clients, in depth sanitation a Facebook group you can join for after you’ve taken the class and so on. Now all of this sounds amazing and it sure does seem like you get maximum bang for your buck out of these classes for sure. but when most of these classes are offering a 2 day or even 3 day class in a group of other students I can assure you you won’t learn anything! it’s just simply too much to go over in such a small amount of time, there’s no way. I know that even when I offer private microblading lessons to my students whether it’s a 3,4, or 7 day class I find its a struggle to teach them everything I know in such a short amount of time….and thats with it being a private lesson! So how on earth is it possible to teach in a group setting with other students everything about microblading In Addition to offering extras like how to take better Instagram photos or how to set up your microblading business in 2 days? It’s simple, you can’t! It’s a rouse guys! It’s a bunch of filler! If you see a class that’s offering way too much and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You will most definitely come out of class lost because not enough time was spent on whats most important and frankly what you really are supposed to be getting for your hard earned money for….REAL TRAINING, focused on just microblading or combo brows or a shading class that you signed up for.

my classes are designed to focus on what’s most important so my students come out ahead of everyone else taking a class. not only do I teach you how to do it the correct way but also why we do it that way. That’s a key difference in what sets my class apart from other microblading training classes here in Arizona and across the country! The other Important factor here is, who trained the trainer thats going to train you? it’s simple, if they don’t have a reputable background as to where they acquired their microblading skills from or years of knowledge, then your microblading skills will only be as good. I can personally say that being taught by the world champions of microblading ( and yes, there really is such a thing) has excelled my personal microblading path beyond what I ever thought was possible, because I was not only taught how to do it correctly but why we do it that way. If you’re only ever taught how to do it and not why it’s done that way, then you’ll never understand what went wrong, you’ll get frustrated not knowing why it’s not staying or turning out how it should and probably quit. It happens too often. I get students in all the time that have taken 2,3 and even 4 other classes before mine and they all say the same thing…. ”I’ve learnede more in 45 minutes of your class than any other class I’ve taken”. Now although that makes me feel so grateful that I’m doing a good job teaching them correctly, it also makes me concerned for all the other classes there are out there. If you’re serious about taking a microblading class or a shading class it’s so important to talk to the teacher and do your research, there’s too many bad microblading artists out there unfortunately that have been taught incorrectly and I’m trying to change that. I pour my heart and soul into you guys because its my mission to produce quality microblading artists. I can promise you my microblading classes are the best in Arizona!

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